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So many have asked for a chat room. Well since my wish is to make you happy CHAT ROOM IS HERE!

Now here are the rules. To be able to use chat room you must put your name in the book and say Tessa I want to be on chat list. Once you do. Chat info will be sent.

Chat room is private, for site guest only. But if you want to have a place to chat with your friends there welcome to. All they have to do is say I'm a friend of (name) and I want to join chat list. I or Angel will see it, e-mail you and say do you know (name) tell us yes. Information on chat on the way to your friend.

Now other rules for chat It's available 24 hours a day. Feel free to talk to your friends, say what you want, no restrictions.However if you ever have a problem with someone. Just tell me. I will also be popping in and out. And if you want Angel or I to chat about something. Just drop a note in the guest book and we will be there for you. For those who have no clue, Onelist is where people can post e mail messages back and forth. It's usually used for people who teach classes on line. Well this one is different. It's just another way for everyone in the guest book to get to know each other.

So join the one-list for this site. Just say in the guest book I want to join OneList. And I or Angel will send the info for registering.
Well that's it. Hope you like the new place here. Let me know what you think.

Much Love to the ones who are regular and welcome to the new people who come for the first time. Enjoy!


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