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New Guestbook

Old Guestbook 1999-2000

by SilverWillow

Remember The Innocent
In honor of the wounded, lost and families of Littleton Colorado.

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Welcome everyone~

Well you asked for new things so here they are. New name, new designs and added items. Tessa's Blessed Be is ready for the year 2000! Service is still the same.I still offer the personal touch that you've come to expect.

I still do request or help in anyway you need. So leave a message on my new messageboard, add your link to my web site. I am here for you! Hope you like the changes as much as I do.Brightest Blessings & Thanks for your visit!


I would also like to thank my sister for her time and designs.Without her there would be no site for you to visit.

Thanks sis!

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I want to say thank you to my friend Crystal for making the graphics on my pages. Please go see her page by clicking on her banner.
Thank you~Tessa~