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My Service

If you have a question, problem, need a spell, I'm there for you but things have changed a little.

Go through my new link pages. You might find the spell your looking for, information on wicca/witchcraft all ready waiting for you. These links are all friends of mine. Wonderful people I love and trust. I wouldnt send you to someone I don't know.

If you still can't find an answer well just go to my guest book and write down your request. Once you do,I will send a reply right to your e-mail.

If no spell can be found for your needs, just ask. Can't find the right answer to a wicca question, just ask. Have a problem? Just tell me.

Site might look different but I'm still the same. If you have been here in the past welcome back,if this is your frst time glad you can join us.

By request I have added the Wiccan Rede and the Witches Creed.
You will find it on the next page.